Mattresses are weird though, in that most of time you aren't paying more for better materials, you are just paying for ridiculous mark-up. That's why when I need a new mattress, I'm probably going to look at Tuft and Needle or Casper. » 9/20/14 6:33am 9/20/14 6:33am

My wedding was in a smaller city in Wisconsin and it was pretty cheap. Our reception was a buffet for $9.50 per plate with a keg of beer and a champagne extra. Comparing that to my brother's wedding in a suburb of Detroit for around $80 per plate with full bar required to be included, I was amazed. » 9/19/14 9:06am 9/19/14 9:06am

I've never been able to really stick out my tongue. That little thing connecting my tongue to the bottom of my mouth goes pretty much to the tip of my tongue. Fortunately I never had any speech problems, but I was always jealous of those kids who could touch their nose with their tongue... » 8/18/14 7:54am 8/18/14 7:54am